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Fetish / Sexy Girls Smoking Hot
« Last post by paradiseI | Today at 00:08:06 »

File: smoking_1561.wmv
Large: 219.68 MB
Res: 1280x720
Dur: 00:05:02
Link Download:
Fetish / Rubber Latex Ladies
« Last post by bartxyx | Today at 00:06:56 »

Trapped in the vacuum bed pt1

?t was Dec 10th, when my day started with a message from Dominique asking me if I love to visit the christmas market with her and some guys. Since I haven? planed anything else I agreed to meet them all at 6 pm on the market. The evening went very nice and was full of fun and laughing and for sure a lot of glogg. After 3 hours staying in the cold and having fun, Dominique asked if I? ready for some craziness and sure I was.

Some minutes later I found myself in the Dusseldorf Fetisch Apartment. On the bed was already the prepared vacuum bed and one of my rubber outfits. Everything looked like it was carefully arranged and planed. I was forced to dress up and so I did. I put on my black rubber catsuit, my corset, rubber socks and gloves and Mistress insisted that I wear my inflatable ballhood.

I had to sit on the gynchair and Mistress spreaded my legs, opened my crotch zipper and installed the electrodes for the e-stimulation devices in my holes and on my body under the rubber. Again some minutes later I was lying then in the vacuum bed and was breathing heavily through the small tube of my ballhood. The vacuum pump started slowly to work and I felt really slow that I was glued between the latex sheets and got more and more immobilized.

I felt the hands of Mistress Dominique la Mer touching my boobs and crotch over the heavy black latex sheets and also this little touch made me horny and wet as hell in this situation. I knew that this was her plan, to made the electro stimulation more effective for me. Then in one moment she mentioned to me that this will be a very long heavy rubber vacbed night for me. My brain and thoughts went crazy and in the same moment I had this feeling of total pleasure. I did not fight against and let it just happen.

My immobilization in the vacbed lasted for some time when Mistress wasn? happy with the vacuum. She leaved for a while and left me for some time alone in my rubber prison enjoying my electro stimulation program, which gave me the nice feeling of being randomly fucked by a boy with a huge dick! It was great because my body couldn? acclimate with the fuck program since it changed all the time.

The vacuum pump stopped and I got some chance to change the position in the vacuum bed. Everyone who ever was knows, how hard it is not being able to move a little. A hand was doing something around my head and seconds later I felt how my ballhood was inflated again. Mistress Dominique said the vacuum is squeezing it totally together and there has to be more pressure on it. My head and face felt like it was in a bench wise. I wasn? even able to handle the situation with the ballhood when a loud noise started and my body got squeezed together like never before. The underpressure was so heavy that I really was immobilized and it was so heavy and hard to stand this. It was totally exhausting. I couldn? concentrate on anything else then the underpressure, that I realized even in the moment when I was shocked that Mistress installed the remote controlled e-stim to the cables. Besides the noise I only heard a low Nood night?and how the door closed then the steps of her heels went upstairs. I was alone, trapped in this vacbed like I was concreted between the latex sheets. I started to fight and struggle against the rubber, but as you may think this is was something I wasn? able to win. On some point I stopped struggling and just let it happeno

Emma Lee

Format: MP4 / Filesize: 476 MB / Resolution: 1280x720 / Duration: 00:11:12

Genre: Rubber, Latex


Fetish / Footfetish 4453
« Last post by abalam666 | Today at 00:06:12 »
Footfetish 4453

Runtime :  7min 59s
File Size : 26.9 MB
File type: mp4
Video   :  AVC, 372 Kbps
Resolution : 568x360
Audio   :  2channel(s),44.1 KHz  AAC LC

Click the link below for downloading:>>>

Fetish / Hairy 3857
« Last post by abalam666 | Today at 00:02:09 »
Hairy 3857

Runtime :  21min 11s
File Size : 324 MB
File type: mp4
Video   :  AVC, 2 000 Kbps
Resolution : 852x480
Audio   :  2channel(s),48.0 KHz  AAC LC

Click the link below for downloading:>>>

Fetish / Boot Fetish 09
« Last post by spartanecvip | Yesterday at 23:56:07 »
Boot Fetish_09

File Name: Boot Fetish_09
Format: MPEG-4
Video: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:12:27
Size: 761 MB
Tags: Boot Fetish

Download Links:
Download from (760.82 MB)
Fetish / set 34
« Last post by JustPlay331 | Yesterday at 23:47:42 »
set 34

Number of files: 25
Resolution: 3420x2011
Size: 47.9 MB
Categoty: Pantyhose, stockings

Download Keep2share: Download File
Fetish / Incest 09
« Last post by spartanecvip | Yesterday at 23:47:09 »

File Name: Incest_09
Format: MPEG-4
Video: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:10:27
Size: 1.48 GB
Tags: Incest, Mother, Sister, Brother, Big Tits, Blowjob, Oral Creampie, Roleplay, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Sex

Download Links:
Download from part 1 (400 MB)
Download from part 2 (400 MB)
Download from part 3 (400 MB)
Download from part 4 (311.96 MB)
Fetish / Pregnant Girls with Milky Boobs!!
« Last post by meena74 | Yesterday at 23:44:41 »


Size: 63959500 bytes (61.00 MiB), duration: 00:05:39, avg.bitrate: 1509 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
Video: wmv1, yuv420p, 640x480, 1368 kb/s, 30.00 fps(r)
Fetish / Fantastic Bukkake, Facial and Cumshots rare videos
« Last post by HopsTops | Yesterday at 23:42:05 »

580 MB | 00:38:48.291 | Windows Media | 720x480
Bukkake, facial, cumshot, blowjob, throat fuck, bj, handjob


Download links:
Fetish / Mistresses, Princesses, Goddesses POV Scenes
« Last post by bartxyx | Yesterday at 23:32:14 »

Electra Morgan - Edge for Electra

You are so desperate to stroke to my hot body you will endure the teasing, the tormenting and the mental corruption I throw your way in hope that you may be allowed to cum. Every single stroke is directed by me and that is exactly what is happening today. Teasing, edging and controlling your cock to sheer frustration. I make you instantly weak, helpful, your brain turns to mush and you are just a robot at my disposal. You stroke on my command and you wait on my every word.

A weak, stroking zombie is the title you experience today. I am relentless with my countdowns and unsympathetic with my mean attitude. You want to cum then I will put you through your paces, I will push you further and deeper into submission than ever before and who know's if or when I shall actually let you cum.

Come inside and play this agonising game loser.

Filesize: 246 MB
Duration: 00:09:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Video: MP4, 29.970 FPS, 3494 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 317 kb/s

Genre: Masturbation Instructions, Jerk Off Instructions, FemDom POV, Dirty Talks, Female Domination


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