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Extreme / ForcedSex-a098
« Last post by gorizon | Today at 10:10:55 »

166 MB || 22min 2s || wmv || 352x288:

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Virtual / Adult Games Collection for you
« Last post by deil | Today at 10:10:54 »
Elana Champion of Lust First alpha of chapter 2 Alpha 1.3.4

Elana Champion of Lustis a game where you will have to bring back the natural order to an island where the people have lost and forgotten all about lust and passions.
You will control Elana, a fairy who has found the energy of lust and passion that was once removed from the people..

Fixes and updates:

· The guards events during night can appear in the square, the market and the houses.
· There is an image for the second event of the guards during night.
· Elin final image appears in her first event too.
· Moved one image to it's proper event in the farms.
· You can't access to Rala's shop during night.
· Fixed a bug in the button to leave in Rala's shop.
· Now the 4 final events of the fairies appear once you complete the area.
· Removed first Alaina image from the 2 events of Envy's chain.
· Now you can see the percentage of the influence of the areas out of the areas.
· Now the training images for Tina are her training images instead of Rala's.
· Now Tina's training appears in Tina's ragdoll and work on the influence fields appear in the influence fields ragdoll.
· Removed one image misplaced of the wise man of the male elves village.
· Now when you move your mouse over a villager you know, the info of her/his level, current influence and influence needed to next level, will show.
· Added a little movement and facial expression changes on the standing animations of Kaeryn's and Tina's events.
· Added sounds for Envy's actions for combat
· Added 1 image for observing events in the tavern.
· Added 1 image for an observing event in the market.
· Added 1 image for an observing event in the forest.
· Updated $10+ gallery.

First update list for alpha 1.3.3:

· Now if there is no one imprisoned the event of the guard will not appear in the prison.
· Now will not appear empty pages when you try to release the villagers from prison.
· Now the health and magic potions in combat will be the same you have in your inventory.
· Added about 80 sounds.
· Fixed image when you enter the warehouse of the renegades village during night.
· Now Rala will give you the amulet to see the magic ingredients and spirit essences and a flask to catch this essences (you'll also be able to buy it in the warehouse of the renegades village).
· Now when you craft spirits it will appear a short text event with their image.
· Now Rala's and Kaeryn's trainings will work with a multiple choice dialogue instead of an arrow.
· Now spirits health points will stay the same they end the fights.
· Added spirit inventory menu where you can choose their position during fights and heal them using one of their spirit essences.
· Now spirits can be summoned and replaced in combat, counting as one of Elana's turns.
· Fixed some of the aegis of stallos block action synergies.
· Now you can create the spirit of happiness and use her in combat (3 attacks and 4 images).
· You can create the spirit of envy and use her in combat after you finish her events (3 attacks and 3 images in combat).
· Added 8 events for Tina with 9 images
· Once finished Tina's events, you'll be able to train her (3 images)
· Once finished Tina's events you'll be able to work in the influence fields to earn money.
· Added minigame during Tina's events (with a half animation ending). · Once Tina is trained you'll be able to use her with the villagers (2 animations).
· Now you'll be able to use Tina during combat (2 attacks with 2 half animations).
· Added small addition in the first morphic fairy event in the farms. This event will allow Elana to return to the fairies hive with her sisters.
· Added fairies hive with 5-10 events (some can be seen again to find new images) with 20 images
· Added outdoor events during night.
· Added chain of events of envy spirit. When you see an special event in the fairies hive, if you had created the spirit of envy or, when you create the spirit of envy if you have seen the event in the fairies hive, an event will appear opening a chain of events during night with 6 more events (7 images added.
· Added 2 events for Wet Pussy Girl during night (2 images and 1 animation).
· Added 6 guards events during night (1 image)
· Added 4 furry club events during night.
· Added 2 images in the farms.
· Added 1 image in the male elves village.
· Added 1 image in the tavern.
· Added 5 images in the square.
· Added 1 image in the market

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 113 MB
Porn Collections / Download Anal Porn Video | 177.42 MB
« Last post by boomuo1 | Today at 10:10:26 »

Genre video: Anal Porn
Duration: 00:29:37
Size:177.42 MB

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Extreme / Dirty Sluts Sucking Cock And Drinking Piss
« Last post by vewver1 | Today at 10:10:17 »
Lyla Kennedy

Runtime : 36min 4s
File Size : 397 MB
Format: avi
Video: MPEG-4 Visual, 960x540, 24.000 fps, 1 400 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio, 44.1 KHz, 128 Kbps

Porn Pictures / Bukkake, Handjob, Blowjob Pics
« Last post by jilovpee | Today at 10:10:02 »

Name: bukkake_handjob_blowjob_2622
Files: 100
Size: 29.42 MB
Shemale Fetish 1280 Jaquelin Braxton Takes Down The Boss

Shemale Fetish 1280 Jaquelin Braxton Takes Down The Boss Part 1
Shemale Fetish 1280 Jaquelin Braxton Takes Down The Boss Part 2
Shemale Fetish 1280 Jaquelin Braxton Takes Down The Boss Part 3
Shemale Fetish 1280 Jaquelin Braxton Takes Down The Boss Part 4

Description: Jaquelin Braxton takes control when her stressed out boss Mike Panic breaks down. She puts him in his place, orders him to worship her hard cock and perfect ass, then fucks his uptight hole wide open, pounding her thick dick deep into him and the stress out of him. Jaquelin shoots her hot load all over Mike's face and makes him eat it up, and after he cums on her feet, she demands he lick it off. Finished with him, she orders him back to work. Yes ma'am!

Starring: Jaquelin Braxton, Mike Panic
Tags: Shemale Fetish, Shemale Hardcore

Size: 1318Mb / Format: mp4 / Resolution: 1280x720 / Duration: 0:35:58

BDSM / Torture, Humiliation, Pain & Suffering (Male Domination)
« Last post by vewver1 | Today at 10:06:09 »
Kylee King

Runtime : 52min 55s
File Size : 348 MB
Format: wmv
Video: VC-1, 854x480, 29.970 fps, 851 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 48.0 KHz, 64.0 Kbps



Size: 38.1 MB
Name: TFRC01
Extension: wmv
Duration: 00:02:26
Resolution: 960x540

Tags: Lesbian,oral,anal,dildo,toys,girls,lesbo

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Fetish / Lactating Girls Have Sex
« Last post by paradiseI | Today at 10:05:19 »

Name: lactating_milk_2900.mpg | Size: 5.85 MB | Resolution : 352x240 | Duration : 00:00:28
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