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Virtual / Hentai and Anime Virtual 3D Fantasy Porn
« Last post by serg8309-2 | Yesterday at 08:59:11 »

File name: Wolverine loves cat #1 - 488-3D
Duration: 00:05:22
Language: ENG
Subtitles: ENG
Censorship: No
Size: 127 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution : 1280x720
Download FROM depfile: 488-3D.rar

Virtual / 3D 4294 Delusion Studio
« Last post by IronMan | Yesterday at 08:58:01 »
3D 4294 Delusion Studio

3D 4294 Delusion Studio

Description: All 5 members of "that" musical band sexually assault you in this 3D CG animation! 6 girls move at the same time!

Censorship: Yes / Language: Japan / Subtitles: No

Tags: 3D Sex, Cartoons Porn, 3D Toons, 3D Adult Video, 3D Animation, 3D Hentai

Size: 57Mb / Format: mp4 / Resolution: 796x600 / Duration: 0:07:08

Virtual / Extreme PACK Games 2016 +
« Last post by asssssex | Yesterday at 08:31:25 »
College Life [v0.25] - 13, May, 2017

Updated: 13, May, 2017
Genre: RPG,, All Sex,Oral, Voyeurism
Censorship: None
Version: 0.25
Developer / Publisher: MikeMaster
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size: 674 Mb

This game tries to blend RPG maker game with visual novel. In the environment of college you have almost unlimited possibilities and who didn't have some sexal fantasies about schoolgirls or teachers, right !? Oh, yeah, this is 18+ content so stay away if it does offend you.

All character have history, personality and preferences. Game is designed as open ended, so more will come.

You play as a male hero, whose goal is to finish college
to become successful at life so he can help his family.
He's so smart, you don't have to worry about his education, but everything else is in your hands. Main quests serve only as introduction and it is up to you if you want to impress other characters or if you want to just pass by them. Improve your relationships by doing specific activities, hone various skills to get the edge at certain situations. Oh and yes, purse all sexual activites you can find.

That's for the reason, now what you can expect (Changelog v0.25):
heavily reworked intro
fixed scene at the end of day 1
new quest at the beging of day 2
new characters (just a glimpse of what will come)
20+ new pictures
reworked room design
new location - classroom

Download   400.0 Mb   122.8 Mb

Virtual / Adult Games Collection for you
« Last post by deil | Yesterday at 07:44:54 »
Alter-Self - Version 0.01.07

The Plot
You are a 23 years old dropped out of college that moved in New York to start a new life and study to become a doctor, but ever since that last exam… You lock yourself inside your house for almost a year. After missing months without paying the rent they kicked me out of the apartment, if it weren’t for your sister, you would be living with my parents. She works while you taking care of the house, now because of that your sister friends consider you a pervy brother. But one day while shopping you find a game, that will change your life. Now in your quest of a better life you will face life struggles that will shape your personality. Good or Evil, Introvert or Extrovert, Kind or Douche. The Power is yours!

You’ll be making choices between two or more decisions that will negatively or positively affect the outcome of the date and the main story as well. Every time you make a choice, you’ll win or lose relationship points (sometimes more than once) depending on the decision you make. For example, If you beat up the stalker of one of your sisters’ friend then she will like you more, but as a result, you will now have a stalker that wants to get his revenge on every possible opportunity he has.

There will be many decision and multiple endings for you to have on which girl you want to stay in the end, who knows you might get them all.

Type of gameplay style
– Visual Novel story progression
– Dating sim stat and quest progression
– Enhanced experience through cut scenes and mini games
– Powered by Renpy Engine

-New character - (Samantha)
-Samantha scenes
-New art for the textbox
-Fixed some previous scenes

Platform: PC/Windows
Language: English
Size 257 MB
Virtual / 5237 - M Okui Last Order Vol.1
« Last post by Katrin19888 | Yesterday at 07:19:09 »

======= ;)
Duration: 0:16:35
File Size: 117 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 852x480
Censorship: Yes
Subtitle: Eng.
Languages: Jap.

DOWNLOAD --->>> 5237 - M Okui Last Order Vol.1
Virtual / Hentai 3D Fantasy Porn Videos
« Last post by vewver1 | Yesterday at 06:46:11 »
No Joke With Joker

Runtime : 4min 59s
File Size : 367 MB
Format: wmv
Video: WMV2, 1280x720, 29.970 fps, 9 610 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 44.1 KHz, 256 Kbps
Language: eng
Subtitles: no
Censorship: no

Download from FileBoom

Virtual / 4659 - Kanzaki Tennyo Vs Kusunoki Tsutomu Erika
« Last post by Katrin19888 | Yesterday at 05:48:10 »

======= ;)
Duration: 0:21:32
File Size: 119 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Censorship: Yes
Subtitle : No
Languages: Eng.

DOWNLOAD --->>> 4659 - Kanzaki Tennyo Vs Kusunoki Tsutomu Erika
Virtual / Games: Visual Novels, role-playing
« Last post by docane | Yesterday at 05:00:42 »
1654) Shaharahime

Will the elder sister give birth and fall into madness!?
Will the younger sister give birth and become insane!?
Giant Cocks! Disgusting Dicks! Fiendish Phallus!
Their fragile bodies utterly obliterated by a torrent of cum!!
They will cry and scream to the rape as both their bodies...
and their souls are eroded and corrupted by depravity!!
Their wombs will not rest! Their mind knows no peace!
How long can they last before descending into lunacy?
The relentless storm of violation will turn their minds to the darkness and their bodies into fleshy birthing objects!!
Genre: ADV, Fantasy, Dark Skin, Milk, BDSM, Group, Anal, Oral, Blowjob, Big tits
Size: 584 MB
Censorship: Is in a game
Year of release: 2017
Developer/publisher: ABALONE KISS
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn't required
Game language: Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Postscoring language: Japanese

Virtual / Adult Games Collection for you
« Last post by deil | Yesterday at 04:54:01 »
Operation Thunderfang – New Version 2.1

Info: We aim to create an RPG Maker title similar to Ahrimans “The moral sword of Asagi”, just with Ferania and our other characters from Deathblight.
Our plan is to start with Ferania and Minori as the main playable characters at first, but gradually expanding and including new characters in the future.
The setting of the game will be in a more modern world, similar to our world.

Throughout the game, our main characters will be trying to free a city which has fallen into the hands of the demons. They’ll need to clear out several demon dens and beat several bosses in order to do so.
As the story progresses, new party members will join and eventually you can select which characters to take on missions.
Also there will be some ways to earn ingame money and see hentai content at the same time.
This will include, among other things, prostitution and working at a maid cafe, bar or some other place.
We’re also planning to include a corruption system for the characters. Some of them will need to have a certain level of lewdness (corruption) before being able to participate in certain activities, otherwise they might just refuse.
There will of course be a way to raise or lower corruption levels (even completely get rid of them), for example via potions.

Alpha version 2.1.

Please note that this is not a major release, it’s just a polished version of the previous one.

Changelog Alpha2.1 – 16/05/2017:
– Increased TP cost of Ferania’s “Brawl” skill to 25 (was 20)
– Increased TP cost of Minori’s “Sunburst” skill to 40 (was 30)
– Reduced TP cost of Minori’s “Graviton Field” skill to 20 (was 30)
– Added AGI debuff to “Graviton Field”
– Changed the first boss fight a bit:
-> The bosses got new abilities! Watch out!
-> Slightly lowered Duke’s Resistance (RST) Damage
-> Slightly increased HP of both
-> Slightly lowered chance for Duke to use harrassment attacks most of the time (RNG is still RNG)
– Implemented day/night system
-> Sleeping in bed in the hotel room now toggles between day and night
-> Streetlights now light up at night
– Added “Miasma” Effect to intro for visualization
– Removed white “screen flash” effect from “Brawl” and “Ryuuseiha”‘s animations
– Added looping animation for Minori’s “True Power” skill, as long as it’s active

Spoilers for the bossfight:
Please don’t read this if you want to find out how to deal with the bossfight yourself.

Things to note:
Jacque (the red one) is good against Ferania, while Duke (the golden one) is good against Minori.
(Maybe you noticed that on the hentai CG scene, Jacque has Ferania, and Duke has Minori haha)

About Jacque:
He is immune to being stunned.
He can do insane amounts of damage with his special attack.
(Minori can debuff his damage greatly with Leg Sweep)

About Duke:
He can be stunned.
(Ferania can use Lightning Shock to stun him)
He does insane amounts of RST damage with his special ability.
Basically, if you take care of Duke with Ferania, and take care of Jacque with Minori, you should have a considerably easier time to deal with them.

More information on the bosses:
There is a 100% chance to stun Duke when he’s about to use his special ability.
Ryuuseiha is a powerful move of Minori, but when the bosses buff themselves up it’s pretty much useless against them.
Minori’s Sunburst is a great skill to use, but it’s not required to beat the bosses.
Also, if Ferania or Minori is hentai-grabbed, make sure to use the “Discipline” skill (Ferania) or “Rescue” skill (Minori) in the “…” category.
It will instantly rescue a character from being hentai-attacked, and thus prevents further damage.

Tags: bdsm-bondage, beautiful ass, big dick, Big Tits, captured, crescentia, demons, doggystyle,
erotic adventure, female protagonist, forced, hardcore sex, Humilation, monsters, pregnancy, rough sex,
rpg, sexy girls, tied

Platform: Pc/Windows
Language: English
Version: 2.1
Censored: No
Size: 32 Mb
Kizuoibitou / Wounded Man / The Scarred Man (Toshio Takeuchi, Magic Bus) ep. 1-5 of 5) [ecchi] ep. 4

Year: 1986-1988
Genre: action, adventure, conspiracy, mafia, seinen, thriller, violence
Episode: ep. 1-5 of 5
Language: Japanese
Language: English
Producer: Toshio Takeuchi
Author: Kazuo Koike, Ryoichi Ikegami
Studio: Magic Bus
 ENG: * Based on the manga by Koike Kazuo (story) and Ikegami Ryoichi (art).
Kusaka Yuuko is a Japanese journalist sent to Brazil to do a report on the gold rush phenomenon that seems to be making many people rich from night to day. Rumors say that among the many garimpeiros (gold diggers) currently on the Amazon forest, there is a Japanese known as Rio Baraki. Reaching their destination, her crew member is promptly attacked and she is d as a warning to stop their work and return immediately. Determined to do her job, she stays and finds out from the attacker that he is none other than Baraki, a white haired muscular man with a large scar on his back. Later she discovers that his real name is Ibaraki Keisuke. Once a promising quarterback, he ended up falsely incriminated by a powerful organization known as GPX.

Duration: 0:32:04 | Resolution: 640x480 | Size: 151Mb | Format: mkv

Download File (
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