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Virtual / Adult Games Collection for you
« Last post by deil | Today at 05:52:41 »
A New Dawn – Version 0.5

Info: The game follows a young virgin, a daughter of a powerfull duke. The land gets invaded and the family is splitted. Your task is to find a way to reunite with your family.
What I want to focus on:
Slowly transforming the protagonists mind from example a prude royal lady to a common whore, or you could try to stay prude and have your mind affected in another way.
More ways to complete missions, if you get a mission you don’t have to complete it the way it should. You could find another way to do it. Like throw away or sell the item, but then you’ll mind gets affected in the process.
A smart way to express all the relevant aspects of the characters mind in conversations and scenes.
Many alternate routes.
No fights ever! Too annoying!
More bad endings, I want to give you freedom but at a cost. Some actions might lead to bad ends.
Version 0.5

+ New sexual scene (goblin shore)
+ New sexual scene (goblin shore repetable)
+ New sexual scene (Inn keeper)
+ Short scene taxman (old CG's)
+ Short scene new character (town)
+ Short scene pup squad test(old CG's)
+ Changed taxman interaction.
+ Adding a variation on pub groping
+ Adding a variation on pub flashing
+ Added a variation on food deliver goblin
+ Added a shorter scene food deliver goblin (disobey second time)
+ shorter scene introducing new character (jerk house)

+ A new dream (Inn keeper)
+ A new dream (Inn keeper)
+ A new dream (Inn keeper)
+ A new dream (jerk house)
+ A new dream (jerk house)

+ A new area (Shore next to the cave)
+ A new item (That you can drink will effect the protagonist)
+ Changed how taxes works.
+ Added a witch who will learn you to control your dreams in later versions.
+ Changed dream text after a patreon's suggestion.
+ A total of 84 new CG's in the game (Around 340 CG's in the game).
+ Additional 18 new face CG's
+ New deal at the jerk house
+ New character (introduced at the jerk house)
+ Changed the skip intro, will start in the town now.
+ Fixed jerk bug, prevented some events to run
+ Changed earnings from 1 silver to 2, when washing clothes
+ Fixed feed hens bug, you could sleep before the event was finished
+ Changed common events to be max 200, variables and switches to 500. Which means you can't use older saves from 0.4 now and be sure that it works.

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size: 571 Mb
Virtual / Donald Cuckold Trump - Angel Wicky Oculus Rift
« Last post by Kryaken | Today at 05:32:02 »

Genre : VR, Threesome, POV, Big Tits Wife, Cuckold, GFE, Virtual Reality

Description :
The sex tape everyone is talking about! In this VR scene your
Donald Trump in the cuckold situation we all have been wanting
to see. Your the cuckold in this VR exclusive and you watch
Vladimir "The Impaler" Putin giving it to Melania. Don't worry,
you get in on the action and Melania (Angel Wicky) gives you
plenty of fucking and sucking while Putin gives it to her from
behind. You won't find a "Choose your own Adventure" scene anywhere
else. Membership has it's privileges.


File Name : Donald Cuckold Trump - Angel Wicky Oculus Rift
Runtime : 23min 28s
File Size : 3.33 GB
Resolution : 3840x1960
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / Bridgette B Knows How To Handle Your Joystick - Gear Vr
« Last post by Kryaken | Today at 04:28:38 »

Genre : VR, Hardcore, Big Tits, Porn Star, Blonde, Cumshot,
 Deep Throat, P.O.V., Shaved, Ball Sucking, Cowgirl, Virtual Reality

Description :
You are what some people at school refer to as a nerd.
 You love your comic books. You'd rather stay home and
 play video games with friends instead of going out to
try and find girls. You are what you are and you know
what you love. Recently, your dad remarried. Your step
 mom, Bridgette B is pretty dang hot. Hey, you might be
a nerd but you know when a woman is sexy as hell. Recently
 though, your new step-mom has taken a liking to you.

In the midst of a heated battle with friends online,
Bridgette walks past you, her tight clothes distracting
you from the game. Bridgette starts to ask why you don't
dress more chic. But what's wrong with your clothing"
Apparently it's too geek for her. She wants you to dress
to impress. After all, how else are you going to find a
girl" She decides to pull out some clothes from your dad's
closet to help.

You start to try on the clothes, but apparently you're
just not fast enough and Bridgette decides to help you
undress. She starts with your belt and fumbles with the zipper.
 The touch of her hand against your thigh is enough to raise
 your cock just a bit. By the time she has your pants down
to try on a new pair of jeans your dick pops out of your
 underwear, into her hands. It's big. Massive. And nowhere
 near how big it can get. Bridgette doesn't know what to say.
 She just takes it in her hands and looks at it in awe. It's
 the biggest cock she's ever seen.

Before you can say anything she begins to rub her hand up and
down your joystick, working it up to a throbbing erection.
You're so much bigger than your dad. Bridgette bets you cum so
 much more as well. Helping you dress chic can wait. Now is
 time for you to learn how to fuck.

She takes your cock in her mouth, twirling her tongue around every
 inch. She pushes you to the bed and climbs up on top of your
 pulsating cock, pre cum already running down the side. As she
 slides down, you wonder why you've spent your time playing with
video games instead of playing with girls. No matter, now. Bridgette
will get you up to speed. She'll also get all of your cum.


File Name : Bridgette B Knows How To Handle Your Joystick - Gear Vr
Runtime : 20min 49s
File Size : 1.79 GB
Resolution : 3840x1920
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / 4800 - The Ultimate Poses
« Last post by Katrin19888 | Today at 04:25:54 »

======= ;)
Duration: 0:04:12
File Size: 29 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 960x720
Censorship: No
Subtitle : No
Languages: Eng.

DOWNLOAD --->>> 4800 - The Ultimate Poses
Virtual / Adult Games Collection for you
« Last post by deil | Today at 04:00:51 »
Crystal City Version: 1.0 FULL

You are young and smart but your thick-lensed glasses make you undesirable in the prime of life. Nonetheless, an unexpected chance turns up for you to become a man.

During sex you are teleported to another world... and it’s up to you to have to save it from a global disaster!

Eventually, you need to find your way back home...

But how?..

The same way you got here! – find a girl but don’t fall in love because you will probably never see her again.

Key Game Features
• Fully adult visual novel with uncensored scenes
• Various game locations
• Colorful CGs
• Exciting plot
• Windows, Mac, and Linux

Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Enjoy Games & 7DOTS / Dagestan Technology
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Language : Russian + English
Size 214 MB
Virtual / 3D Toons Porn Video, Anime & Hentai Crazy fucking
« Last post by dassstin1 | Today at 03:57:21 »


0:14:15 min / 1280x720 px /  1034Mb / mp4
Virtual / VR 150 - Afternoon with Huge Boobs - Smartphone
« Last post by Kryaken | Today at 03:32:39 »

Genre : VR, Big breasts, Blonde, Blowjob, Chubby, Hardcore,
 Moving camera, Shaved, Virtual reality

Description :
As confusing as our headline may seem, it's actually describing our
 fresh VR porn experience. You and your girlfriend have a free
afternoon and she wonders how to spend it. How lucky you are that
your girlfriend is Crystal Swift with breasts that could rival those
of Lolo Ferrari and she is horny for your cock!


File Name : VR 150 - Afternoon with Huge Boobs - Smartphone
Runtime : 28min 17s
File Size : 2.4 GB
Resolution : 2160x1080
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / Hentai 5294 Eromame Vol.2
« Last post by IronMan | Today at 03:07:36 »
Hentai 5294 Eromame Vol.2

Hentai 5294 Eromame Vol.2

Censorship: Yes / Language: Japan / Subtitles: English

Tags: Hentai Porn, Anime Sex Video, Adult Hentai Video, Hentai Sex, Anime Porn

Size: 234Mb / Format: mp4 / Resolution: 852x480 / Duration: 0:21:19

Virtual / ~Hentai | Unreal Sex - Real Pleasure~
« Last post by abalam666 | Today at 02:56:53 »
Hentai Zoku Imouto Gui

Runtime :  5min 18s
File Size : 55.8 MB
File type: mkv
Video   :  AVC,
Resolution : 800x584
Audio   :  2channel(s),44.1 KHz  AAC LC

Tags: 3D Sex, Cartoons Porn, 3D Toons, 3D Adult Video, 3D Animation, 3D Hentai

Click the link below for downloading:>>>

Virtual / ~Hentai | Unreal Sex - Real Pleasure~
« Last post by abalam666 | Today at 02:24:45 »
Hentai Yui Hirasawa

Runtime :  3min 29s
File Size : 89.8 MB
File type: avi
Video   :  AVC, 3 586 Kbps
Resolution : 736x608

Tags: 3D Sex, Cartoons Porn, 3D Toons, 3D Adult Video, 3D Animation, 3D Hentai

Click the link below for downloading:>>>

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