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Virtual / Tastes Like Candy - Kandy Kars Smartphone
« Last post by Kryaken | Yesterday at 13:11:02 »

Genre : VR, 180, Anal, Blowjob, Brunette, Virtual Reality

Description :
It's finally Tuesday and you've taken an early lunch break to spend some
quality time with the housemaid. Week after week Kandy Kors cleans out your
apartment and week after week your rock hard dick in her ass, is the reward.
 Don't worry your wife won't find out. However, Kandy will make you come clean
and then sweep the mess under the rug. 'Cause after all is said and done, Kandy
 truly is a dirty girl.


File Name : Tastes Like Candy - Kandy Kars Smartphone
Runtime : 46 min 16 s
File Size : 3.35 GB
Resolution : 1920x960
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / 3D 5404 Lesson In The Equipment Shed Ahegao Bitch
« Last post by IronMan | Yesterday at 13:00:51 »
3D 5404 Lesson In The Equipment Shed Ahegao Bitch

3D 5404 Lesson In The Equipment Shed Ahegao Bitch Part 1
3D 5404 Lesson In The Equipment Shed Ahegao Bitch Part 2

Censorship: Yes / Language: Japan / Subtitles: No

Tags: 3D Sex, Cartoons Porn, 3D Toons, 3D Adult Video, 3D Animation, 3D Hentai

Size: 403Mb / Format: mp4 / Resolution: 1280x720 / Duration: 0:26:26

Virtual / Young, beauty girls in virtual reality! (3D, VR)
« Last post by Fomo4ka | Yesterday at 12:42:56 »

File Name : 4421921
Video format: mp4
Duration : 39min 36s
File Size : 4.22 GB
Resolution : 1920x960

DOWNLOAD  4421921.part1.rar
Virtual / Porn | Virtual Reality | with very hot girls full/ultraHD
« Last post by VanBlake1 | Yesterday at 12:34:54 »
Alex More & Chanel Preston - 69 Shades Freed

  • Genre:[All sex, POV, 3D porno, Oculus Rift, VR porno, Vive, Anal, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Cowgirl, Cum-shot, Deepthroat, Doggy, Facial, Hairy Pussy, Masturbation, MILF, Natural Tits, Orgasm, Pussy Licking, Shaved Pussy, Skinny, Small Tits, Tattoo, Teen, Threesome]

  • Description:Valentine's Day is that magic time of the year when everyone is more about giving than taking and we all love each other somehow stronger than usually. This is also a day of Valentine's surprises, and if your step-mother is so loving and caring like the VR Porn actress Chanel Preston, you should probably expect that there is something coming for you. Today she will give you one of the biggest gifts in your entire life, as she managed to invite your high school crush, Alex More to have some fun together with you. 1-on-1 with Alex itself sounds like a lot of pleasure, but there is something extra happening in this VR Porn fantasy, so strap your VR headset on and enjoy it together with the VR Bangers.
    Today Chanel, since your father is not taking an appropriate care of her, will join this kinky intercourse in this amazing Virtual Reality Porn threesome video! Enjoy this hot MILF and even hotter young slut that both will do everything to please their man in front of the virtual reality camera lens. Alex might be a bit resisting at first, but don't worry - Chanel will remind her why she brought her here today and push her head directly on your growing cock. The young vixen will not need any more incentives from that point, and you will be able to enjoy both of them in this spectacular VR Porn dream. They will be both wearing some sexy red lingerie that together with the atmosphere prevailing on the set will make you feel like the Amor hit you with his arrow, as you may fall in love with both of the girls almost immediately. Do not worry, though, since you will be able to keep coming back to them, as they will be waiting for you on forever, together with hundreds of others VR Porn movies in 4K 360°!
  • Duration:00:44:30
  • Format: MP4
  • Size:7.46 GB
  • Video:HVC1 3840x3840 60fps 23671kbps
  • Audio:AAC 48000Hz stereo 317kbps

Virtual / 5279 - Ikedori Musume Vanille Flavor
« Last post by Katrin19888 | Yesterday at 12:11:27 »

Duration: 0:15:27
File Size: 205 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 768x576
Censorship: Yes
Subtitle : No
Languages: Jap.

WATCH or DOWNLOAD --->>> 5279 - Ikedori Musume Vanille Flavor
Virtual / Hentai 3D Fantasy Porn Videos
« Last post by vewver1 | Yesterday at 11:54:57 »
Mutant Lizard Girl

Runtime : 7min 5s
File Size : 202 MB
Format: mp4
Video: AVC, 1920x1080, 25.000 fps, 4 000 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 78.0 Kbps
Language: eng
Subtitles: yes
Censorship: no

Download from FileBoom
Virtual / Best Hentai Games Collection
« Last post by deil | Yesterday at 11:32:10 »
Au-pair Innocence v0.8.0 SE

You play as young fellow Alex, who lives together with his Father and Stepmother. One day they decide to hire an Au-pair girl. And that where the game begins.?

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 1000 MB
Laura Bentley - Southern Comfort

Duration: 29 min 31 s | File Size: 6.17 GB | Format: mp4 | Resolution: 3840x1920

Description: Laura Bentley has always listed customer satisfaction as a top priority. As her escort career begins to take off, she's not able to make as many appointments as usual. Being the Southern belle that she is, she knows that image and reputation are everything, so she's decided to bring her pussy to all of you through a customized VR scene. She wants you to have the full experience: spanking, riding, intimacy, and of course, a messy creampie. Laura may have the charm and manners of a Texas oilman's daughter, but she's dirtier than a roughneck working a drilling rig.

Download from DepFile:
Virtual / Best Hentai Games Collection
« Last post by deil | Yesterday at 11:17:27 »
Lab Rats 2 Version 0.3.1

This is a very early tech demo version of Lab Rats 2

Lab Rats 2 - Down to Business.
Lab Rats 2 is set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.
* Introduced crisis system - end of turn events which require immediate player interaction.
* Modified end of turn logic. NPC turns are now done in two phases. Location based interaction is done first, then time is advanced, then NPC's are moved to their new appropriate location. Crises trigger after NPC interactions but before time is advanced.
* Added a new event whenever a serum design is finished research. Allows for testing on your R&D crew.
* Employees can now become dissatisfied with their jobs and will have a chance of quitting each day.
* Added a quitting crisis event. A dissatisfied employee will come to you before they leave, giving you a last chance to convince them to stay.
* Outfit creator now shows preview of clothing items when you hover over them.
* Girls can now be asked to wear specific outfits that are already in their wardrobe.
* You can now give girls a 10% raise. A salary over their base expectations will increase job satisfaction reduce the chance they will quit if unhappy.
* Added two new facial designs to the game, along with rendering support for creating more in the near future.
* Added new Policy system - business upgrades that can be purchased with cash.
* Added first policy - "corporate uniforms".
* Added ability to give different divisions uniforms. Requires "corporate uniforms" policy to be purchased before they can be assigned.
* Added "broken AC" crisis event.
* Added "Mandatory Serum Testing" policy - Allows you to give serum directly to your employees.
* Girls can no longer be given serum directly until after "Mandatory Serum Testing" has been purchased.
* Employees can now be assigned a corporate uniform. The maximum sluttiness of the uniform is limited by a policy line.
* Added a line of policies to control uniform slutiness limits. Line includes: "strict uniform policy","relaxed uniform policy","casual uniform policy","reduced coverage uniform policy","minimal coverage uniform policy","corporate enforced nudity policy", and "maximal arousal uniform policy"
* Added ability to set daily serum doses for your company, either for everyone or by division.
* Added "Daily Serum Dosage" policy - Unlocks ability to set daily serum doses for your company.
* Added support for dynamically coloured clothing.
* Multiple sets of bras, panties, and shirts changed to support dynamic colouring. Default options are provided for now, player options will be supported at a future date.
* Added Recruitment batch size line of policies, hire levels allows you to view more people at once in a recruitment batch.
* Added "Male Focused Marketing" policy - Increases serum value based on the sluttiness of your marketing uniform.
* Added an "Accidental Exposure" crisis to the lab and production lines.
* Added an "Water Bottle Accident" crisis to the entire office.
* You can only directly modify a girls wardrobe if her obedience is 120 or greater.
* Added "late night drinking" crisis to entire office.
* Added character creation screen at the start of the game.
* Introduced sex skills for main character and girls. Higher skill increases the other persons arousal faster for specific position types.
* Added character sheet screen to check on the stats of your character.
* Added sex skill overview to "detailed information" screen for girls. In the future this will be hidden until you have learned the information.
* "detailed information" and girl UI now shows a girls current job, if she is employed by you.
* Added "Special Training" crisis - Gives chance to spend cash to raise an employees skills.
* Added value note to serum production screen for all serums.
 Added serum tooltip shown when mousing over serum in serump production screen.
* Added serum tooltip in all inventory screens when hovering over serum.
* Added last name and current position to quit warning message.
* Consolidated serum production notifications into single end-of-day message.
* Added background to end of day highlights and statistics to increase readability.
* Added scrollbar to highlights box to allow for long lists.
* Added employee overview screen to business page.
* Temporarily removed movement restrictions (until they have a mechanical use). Player can now move anywhere on the map with a single click.
* Complimenting a girls outfit now gives the largest bonus when the outfit is just on the edge of what she would normally wear.

* Basic Medical Applications trait now adds 10 to production cost (up from 5), adds 50 research to production (up from 25), and requires 200 research to discover (up from 50)
* Improved Serum Production trait now requires 200 research to discover (up from 50)
* Obedience Enhancer trait now requires 300 research to discover (up from 75), adds 75 research to production (up from 20), and adds 5 to production cost (down from 10), adds 5 to value (up from 0)
* Improved Reagent Purification trait now adds 75 research to production (up from 50) and requires 350 research to discover (up from 100)
* Aphrodisiac now adds 60 to research to produce (up from 25), adds 25 to value (up from 20), and requires 250 to discover (up from 150)
* Advanced Serum Production now adds 25 to production cost (up from 15) and requires 800 to discover (up from 200)
* Low Volatility Reagents now adds 150 to production research (up from 100) and requires 600 to discover (up from 300)
* Futuristic Serum Production now adds 60 suggestability (down from 100), adds 500 to production research (down from 600), costs 3000 to discover (up from 600)
* Breast Growth now adds 125 to production research (up from 50), adds 50 to value (down from 100), and costs 500 to discover (up from 50)
* Breast Reduction now adds 125 to production research (up from 50), adds 50 to value (up from 40), and costs 500 to discover (up from 40)
* Focus, Intelligence, and Charisma enhancements now all: cost 20 production points, add 30 value, add 150 to production research, require 800 to discover, and add +2 to their stat (up from +1)
* Slow Release Dopamine now adds 500 to production research (up from 100), adds 20 to production cost (down from 100), and requires 2500 to discover (up from 300)

* Fixed obedience and happiness changes from some interactions being inverted.
* Fixed three new traits from v0.2 not appearing in research list.
* Fixed happiness reduction from sexual encounters where obedience was required to proceed being inverted.
* Fixed sluttiness increases from clothing compliments having strange decimal values.
* Fixed "Detailed Information" screen for girls picking random choices on menus when exited.
* Slightly widened choice buttons to prevent text overflow.
* Resolved a crash where displaying a characters height would crash the game.
* Edited button size to make resolve android port issues.
* "Take a closer look" description no longer assumes you have x-ray vision.
* Fixed two improper function calls leading to crashes in the "against wall" sex position.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 304 MB
Virtual / LEARN WITH KATANA POV - Oculus
« Last post by Kryaken | Yesterday at 10:58:43 »

Genre : VR, Romantic, Brunette, Cowgirl, Doggy,
 Hardcore, Asian, Virtual Reality

Description :
Katana arrives at her client's place, toting a suitcase full
of knowledge. Calligraphy is the order of the day, but somehow
she feels a strange connection to this man, sitting opposite of her
on a hotel room bed. She sees immediately that it is hard for him to
 concentrate and there is ever so slight smirk on his face. Being the
 experienced teacher that she is, she decides to test the waters. She
 starts slowly and discretely by hiking up her skirt, as if by mistake.
 She can always pull it back down. That way, if she is wrong - and she
never is - it won't matter. Within a millisecond, she feels his gaze hit
her thigh. While there is no question that Katana always had a firm command
over the lesson, now she lost all certainty. There was one silent question
to be settled - who was giving the lesson and who was taking it. You be the
 judge of that.


File Name : LEARN WITH KATANA POV - Oculus
Runtime : 39 min 46 s
File Size : 8.42 GB
Resolution : 5400x2700
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

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