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Virtual / Lesbian Friends With Benefits - Smartphone
« Last post by Kryaken | Yesterday at 03:37:48 »

Genre : VR, babe, big tits, blonde, pussy licking, brunette, hardcore,
 kissing, lesbian, Non POV, shaved pussy, trimmed pussy,
pierced navel, pierced nipple, british, Virtual Reality

Description :
Carly Rae is Candi Kayne are lesbian friends with benefits!
 Watch these two sexy girls in this hot VR Porn scene. Carly
 needs cheering up as she has broken up with her boyfriend.
 Candi knows exactly what will cheer her up and asks her if
she has ever been with a woman. She has only ever kissed
another girl but she is curious.

Candi loves hot lesbian sex and really fancies her friend
so she moves in on Carly and gives her a cheeky kiss. Carly
likes it, so they moves in for more. Candi picks up a strawberry
 and starts nibbling and licking it trying to seduce Carly.
 Both girls are feeling hot and horny in the steamy hot tub,
 the prosecco is making them feel a little tipsy. Candi then
puts the strawberry into Carly's mouth she asks her if she
likes licking the strawberry. The frisky brunette tells Carly
to take her bikini top off, Carly is feeling really naughty
and happily does what she is told.

Candi rubs the strawberry over her big erect nipples she tells
Carly she won't want a man again. Carly Rae tells Candi Kayne
she wants to lick her pussy she wants to know what it's like,
she's a dirty little bitch really. Candi then sits on the side
of the hot tub and Carly licks her pussy, Candi moans in delight.
 Candi tells Carly how she likes it and groans with pleasure.
Candi then tells Carly she wants to taste her and starts licking
 her out Carly loves having her pussy licked her boyfriend never
 pleased her like this. Both girls seductively kiss pressing their
 big wet boobs against each other they are both so hot and horny.

They get a bit chilly outside so they decide to go inside into the
 bathroom they continue teasing and seducing each other Candi takes
the lead as she knows how to please a woman. Candi lies on the
bathroom cupboard and tells Carly to lick her clit and finger her
pussy. Carly's lipstick is all over Candi's pussy. The blonde and
brunette really know how to please each other. Carly spits on her
fingers and rubs it all over Candi's pussy. Candi then pushes Carly
 forcefully onto the side board and parts her legs she then starts
to lick her clit, Carly is so turned on they kiss and taste each
other's pussy.

Candi bends over doggy while Carly fingers her pussy. Carly kisses
Candi's lovely round bum. Carly then lies on the floor and licks
Candi out while playing with her clit she plunges her tongue in and
 out of her pussy. They both sit together side by side and finger
each other. Candi then starts pleasuring Carly and pleasuring herself.
 Candi then tells Carly she's taking her to the bedroom to finish
her off. To be continued


File Name : Lesbian Friends With Benefits - Smartphone
Runtime : 15min 41s
File Size : 1.21 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / Memories of a Naked Geisha - Marica Hase Gear Vr
« Last post by Kryaken | Yesterday at 02:59:15 »

Genre : VR, Asian, Hardcore, FacialCum,  Swallowing, P.O.V., Black Hair,
Trimmed, Large Dick, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Natural Tits, Virtual Reality

Description :
Geishas are incredibly skilled in the art of entertainment.
 Like others to come before, Marica takes her art form incredibly
serious. It is her duty to entertain her guests, however necessary.
 Other geisha she knows entertain men through song, music or dance.
Marica keeps her men entertained by milking their cocks with her tight,
 skilled pussy.

Marica Hase is entertaining you (as Derrick Pierce) through the timeless
 geisha art form of seduction. She wants you to learn more about her
culture while remaining completely engaged. She pours you a customary
cup of tea to start. It is there to help relax both the body and mind.

Relaxed, it is now time for the main entertainment. Her seductive,
skilled hand movements send shivers down your spine as goose bumps
run up your arms. Before you can even ask her more about being a geisha,
 her hands are on your pants, your cock growing and pushing up against the fabric.

As a geisha, Marica is very good with her hands. With her eyes melting yours,
 her delicate yet knowing fingers open up your pants and produce your throbbing
dick. She's impressed with what she sees. A big cock says much about a man in
 her culture. She now wants to show you how they treat big cocks.

Pushing you back into your seat, the seductive geisha takes your full dick
into her mouth, playing with your balls as she swirls her tongue around the
shaft again and again. To become a geisha, it takes years of dedicated training,
 learning the different skills necessary to please her man. Sucking dick just
 happens to be one of her most important skills.

Milking your shaft is not all Marica knows how to do. With your cock glistening
 from her spit, she pulls back her skirt and mounts you. What you've heard before
is proving to be true. A geisha really does have a firm, tight pussy. As her pussy
 contracts around your shaft, tightening and massaging it at the same time, you
feel as if you are going to blow. However, as a dedicated geisha, Marica is not
ready to let your entertainment end for the night. No, in fact she is just starting
 with you, so lean back and relax. Marica is going to take good care of you.


File Name : Memories of a Naked Geisha - Marica Hase Gear Vr
Runtime : 15min 10s
File Size : 1.28 GB
Resolution : 3840x1920
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / 3D 4297 Eating Up Your B - More Continued
« Last post by IronMan | Yesterday at 02:58:06 »
3D 4297 Eating Up Your B - More Continued

3D 4297 Eating Up Your B - More Continued

Description: I could hear sounds in the bathroom - it was the sound of my friends having sex! I taught him all he knows, and my friend stole him away. I'll win him back once again.

Censorship: Yes / Language: Japan / Subtitles: No

Tags: 3D Sex, Cartoons Porn, 3D Toons, 3D Adult Video, 3D Animation, 3D Hentai

Size: 68Mb / Format: mp4 / Resolution: 1184x668 / Duration: 0:06:29

Virtual / Hentai 18-Sakura mama and Taro-chan
« Last post by abalam666 | Yesterday at 02:24:30 »
Hentai 18-Sakura mama and Taro-chan

Sakura mama and Taro-chan  [cen]

2017, Incest, Milf, Big breasts

Runtime :  1h 9min
File Size : 1.26 GB
File type: mp4
Video   :  MPEG-4 Visual, 2 493 Kbps
Resolution : 1280x720
Audio   :  2channel(s),48.0 KHz  AAC LC

Click the link below for downloading:>>>

Virtual / Sweetie Orgasms in arm-chair - Elle Rose Oculus Rift
« Last post by Kryaken | Yesterday at 02:20:23 »

Genre : VR, shorts / skirts, masturbation / fingering, small tits,
 Non POV, solo models, tattoo, teen / young, ukrainian, Virtual Reality

Description :
Many girls love pink but this hottie is really
obsessed with it. She puts on pink clothes, surrounds
 herself with pink things and pays a lot of attention
to her pink pussy. When she feels very much excited,
she takes off tiny shorts, shows firm butt, wet slit
 and moves on to caressing them with her talented
fingers in arm-chair.


File Name : Sweetie Orgasms in arm-chair - Elle Rose Oculus Rift
Runtime : 10min 15s
File Size : 2.16 GB
Resolution : 3840x1920
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / Hentai 17-Ring
« Last post by abalam666 | Yesterday at 02:00:50 »
Hentai 17-Ring

Ring  [cen]

2017, Girl, man/father, small breasts, shaved, GameRip

Runtime :  31min 3s
File Size : 971 MB
File type: wmv
Video   :  WMV3, 6 271 Kbps
Resolution : 1280x720
Audio   :  2channel(s),22.05 KHz  WMA2
Language: [jap]

Click the link below for downloading:>>>


Genre : VR, big cock, big tits, blow job, pussy licking, chubby / curvy,
 cowgirl, facials, hand job, hardcore, family sex fantasy, MILF,
 mom daughter boy, old & young, POV, shaved pussy, teen / young,
 F/F/M, threesome, magic wand, hungarian, footjob, Virtual Reality

Description :
When you get caught by your stacked stepmom while jerking
off on your gorgeous and sleeping stepsis, things get 'a
bit' kinky. Even though Cathy is vividly upset, she still
grabs your dick, and when Anita wakes up, she joins her as
 they go on to wrap their luscious lips around it. Taking
it to the bedroom, the three of you get to fuck like horny
rabbits during the mating season until your shaft explodes
inside of Cathy's mouth. This busty lassie then decides to
share your baby gravy with Anita as you watch it all with
your jaw literally on the floor.


File Name : Family's Sensual Adventure - Cathy Heaven, Anita Bellini Smartphone
Runtime : 42min 52s
File Size : 2.43 GB
Resolution : 1920x960
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

Virtual / Adult Games Collection for you
« Last post by deil | Yesterday at 01:48:44 »
Colors of a New Dawn v 0.0.5a

The game also uses specific outfits for specific actions, such as sport clothes for running, different work clothes for different kind of jobs, etc.
General Information and mechanics
It’s an RPG game and the story evolves around a young girl who lives in a small village with her family. The game uses a time system, more specifically 7 days in a week and 4 periods of time (Early Morning, Day, Evening, Night), which specifies and controls some time-dependent events.

The are some core stats that affect the protagonist and the way she interacts with the world, which are:
Knowledge – General and sexual knowledge. The more she knows, the more she can do…
Reputation – Overall reputation in the world. Different levels of reputation will affect some NPC’s interaction with the protagonist.
Corruption – Well… no one is pure!
Fitness – How fit the protagonist is. It’s a stat that affects some job requirements.
Looks – How good looking the protagonist is. It also affects job requirements as well as some NPC interactions around the world.

Changelog 0.0.5a:
Brother’s Birthday Party
Platform: Pc/Windows
Version: Beta 0.0.5a
Size: 754 Mb

Subliminal Corruption – New Version 0.2.0

Info: Gameplay:
– RPG Maker / Modified for VN Type Gameplay.
– GFX : “Honey Select Studio”
– Inhibition System
– Randomisation System
– Enhanced experience through cut scenes.
– Progression System.
– There will be several ways of getting events in the game.
– Hidden objects to interact with. (Such as, If you’re in the toilet, try clicking on the toilet roll and see what happens.)

Type of content & Fetishes:
– Voyeurism
– Impregnation
– Milking
– Spanking
– Anal
– Group
– Public Sex
– Toys
– Gloryhole
– Exhibitionism
– Taboo

Changelog 0.2.0:

Subliminal Corruption
– Game Totally Re-worked (New Game will be needed)

Intro :
– Intro has been totally changed (I’d suggest reading it instead of skipping)

Credits :
– Page Split ( ?20 Patreons / Special Thanks )
— Paul Threetees added to (Special Thanks)

Characters :
– Lilly Nash Added but no content as of yet
– Amy Nash Added but no content as of yet

Time System :
– 4 times of day added (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night)

Day System :
– Day will increase by 1 at the end of each day.
– This has been added for events that will happen after so many ingame days of playing. (No events added yet.)

Main Menu :
– Background scenes changed
– All characters added

Cursor :
– Custom Cursors added.
– Cursor changes when hovering over a event (No more cluless clicking)

Working :
– You earn ?50 per shift.
– Levels of corruption dropping due to working removed.
– You can work 3 times in a day, just not at night.

Corruption system :
Only way to increase Corruption now is through :
– Audio Corruptionner
— ?100 to increase Corruption of all characters from 25-35
— ?50 to decrease Corruption of all characters from 25-35

Locations :
– Home
— All Rooms
– Aunties
— All Rooms
– Twins
— Only the one room as it’s a Dorm room.

Starting Events :
– Sisters Room – Morning
– Mothers Room – Morning

Main Events :
– Dining Room – Evening
— Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100) Both Mother/Sister
— Scene 2 ( Corruption needed 101-200) Both Mother/Sister

Sisters Room :
– Diary
— Diary Page 5 Added ( Corruption needed 201-250)

– Teddy Scene
— Afternoon
— Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100) Sister
— Scene 2 (Corruption needed 101-200) Sister

Dining Room :
– Sink
— Mother Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)

Changing Room :
– Sink
— Morning
— Mother Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)
— Mother Scene 2 (Corruption needed 101-200)
— Mother Scene 3 (Corruption needed 201-300)
— Mother Scene 4 (Corruption needed 301 +)
— Sister Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)
— Sister Scene 2 (Corruption needed 101-200)
— Sister Scene 3 (Corruption needed 201-300)
— Sister Scene 4 (Corruption needed 301 +)

– Evening
— Mother Special Scene (Corruption needed 250+ / 1 Time event)

Bathroom :
– Towel
— Morning / Evening
— Mother Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)
— Sister Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)

Toilet :
– Toilet Roll
— Mother Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)
— Sister Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)

– Toilet
— Mother Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)
— Mother Scene 2 (Corruption needed 101-200)
— Mother Scene 3 (Corruption needed 201-300)
— Mother Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-100)
— Mother Scene 2 (Corruption needed 101-200)

Auntie :
– Lounge
— Sofa
— Scene 1 (Corruption needed 1-50 / 51-100 for second part of scene)

Overview :
— Special Scene (Corruption needed 290)

Phone :
– New App (Calendar to show the day)
– No other new content added to the other Apps

Tags: all sex, Big ass, Big Tits, Boomatica, corruption, date-sim, erotic adventure, family sex, hardcore sex, Harem, interactive, rpg, seduction, Sexual Training, sexy girls, toys, virgin, visual novel, voyeur
Platform: Pc/Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.2.0
Censored: No
Size: 1370 Mb
Virtual / Hentai 9-Spiderwoman In Wonderland - Part 2
« Last post by abalam666 | Yesterday at 01:48:25 »
Hentai 9-Spiderwoman In Wonderland - Part 2

Runtime :  3min 0s
File Size : 73.8 MB
File type: mp4
Video   :  AVC, 3 282 Kbps
Resolution : 1280x720
Audio   :  2channel(s),44.1 KHz  AAC LC
Censorship: No
Subtitle : No
Languages: Eng
Click the link below for downloading:>>>

Virtual / HUGE OILY BOSOM - Katerina Hartlova Gear Vr
« Last post by Kryaken | Yesterday at 01:44:56 »

Genre : VR, big tits, butts, chubby / curvy, high heels, MILF, nylons,
 stockings, pornstars, Non POV, shaved pussy, solo models,
 pierced navel, toys / dildos, czech, Virtual Reality

Description :
Kathy Kozy a.k.a. Katerina Hartlova won't waste any time to
 make you feel horny. She knows you are deeply in love with
her unbelieveably large breasts. And she also knows how to
make those breasts look really tempting. Are you infatuated
with giant boobs that are covered in oil? Do you want to
squeeze them, kiss them and never let go? Well Kathy is so
horny, she wants you to have those breasts while she starts
to masturbate wildly.


File Name : HUGE OILY BOSOM - Katerina Hartlova Gear Vr
Runtime : 20min 16s
File Size : 2.87 GB
Resolution : 2880x1440
Audio Codec : AAC LC
Format: mp4

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