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BDSM / Beauties in hard Lezdom action
« Topic started on: August 29, 2023, 01:13:38 »
Beauties in hard Lezdom action

Lezdom Anal After Party - Kaiia Eve And Nina Nova Xo July 5, 2023

Kaiia and Nina were out all night partying. Dressed in sexy sheer white lingerie with her tits out, Nina thought for sure she'd be getting fucked by some hot guy by now, but Instead she goes back to Kaiia's house for doughnuts. Kaiia mentions to Nina that she noticed the butt-plug she's kept in her ass all night and she's been fantasizing about stretching out her asshole. Nina bends over and Kaiia goes to town spanking her ass hard. She plays with Nina's butt-plug, and then hits her ass hard with a leather paddle. Nina lays on the countertop and spreads her legs. Kaiia gets some ass toys and fucks Nina's ass with them. After that Kaiia takes Nina into her shower and ties her up with rope. She hits Nina's ass hard with a leather flogger and spanks her wet ass with a heavy hand. After that they go back to the kitchen and Kaiia stretches Nina's ass some more with anal toys. Kaiia sits and twerks on her face, and Nina tongue-fucks her asshole.

Format: mp4
Size: 4.97 GB
Duration: 01:09:49


Lezdom_Anal After Party - Kaiia Eve And Nina Nova XO_July 5, 2023.mp4

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